About DSP

Danish Soil Parnership is an initiative taken by the five regional councils of Denmark in dialogue with the industry and the research institution. The intention is to facilitate green business while solving the challenge of Contaminated soil. Combined, the five regions is greatest actor on the Danish market. By applying intelligent public demand, the region can contribute to green business cases while working for a cleaner environment home and abroad.

The DSP strategy can be seen here: Download file .


DSP's board consists of:

Christian Bruhn Rieper (chairman), Deputy Director, Centre for Regional Development, The Capital Region of Denmark
Morten Sørensen, head of unit, Danish Regions
Jytte Gad Lauridsen, Deputy Director, Centre for Regional Development, The Central Denmark Region
Kenn Bloch Mortesen, Deputy Director, Centre for Regional Development, The Region of Northern Denmark
Mette Christensen, Deputy Director, Centre for Regional Development, Region of Southern Denmark
Jan Hus Vestergaard, Environmental Manager, Region Zealand

In addition, the DSP's contact Committee consists of:

The Danish EPA
The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers
Danish Environmental Technology
Innovation Network of Environmental Technology
ATV Soil & Groundwater
VIA University College
University of Aarhus
University of Copenhagen
Association of Municipal Environmental excutives
The Danish Construction Association
The Technical University of Denmark

The secreatariat of the partnership is Placed with Danish Regions Unit for Environment and Resources.


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